Soferia - IKEA KIVIK Funda para sofá de 2 plazas, Elegance Dark Yellow

Sobre envio libre €36.00


  • Tejidos de alta calidad. Cosido para la orden individual. 100% garantía. Por encargo y entregado dentro de 14 días laborables.
  • Tenga en cuenta que esta es sólo una cubierta de reemplazo. Muebles disponibles en IKEA.
  • Contáctenos si desea recibir hasta 5 muestras de tejido gratis.

Descripción del producto

We all love IKEA. And we love their furniture, especially models offering the exchangeable slipcovers. However, with IKEA covers, often we are limited to few colours and types of fabric. Buying a popular piece of furniture is not difficult. Giving it an individual look which reflects one's lifestyle and character is what matters. This is why we created offering custom-made IKEA furniture covers and delivered to UK and other EU countries! We offer a wide range of fabrics - all high quality, in modern designs and vast selection of colours, which suit every home décor. Our slipcovers are available for majority of IKEA furniture, as well as for older, discontinued models. All of our slipcovers are hand-made in EU for each individual order.