Mayhew 1/8-inch hueca perforadora, 50507

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FLA Handmade in USA.
28 de mayo de 2020
Good , thanks
D. House
5 de febrero de 2020
Just what it says. Well made. No flaws.
Doug Myers
25 de enero de 2020
this is really a nice piece. perfect circles. solid as a rock.
17 de de 2020
Used to make labels on top of prescription bottles.
Requires Mayhew Pro 50530 handle and 50539 mandrill. Expensive if you do not have the Mayhew Pro set already.

OR: use a bottle cap of the correct diameter, (or circle template) trace it and cut with scissors = $0.00

Ideal size is 36mm diameter to fit below the cap retainer.
14 de enero de 2019
I ordered the Mayhew 2-3/8" hollow punch, and it's exactly what I got. It's the right size and works with the Mayhew punch holder (for making two concentric cutouts like for washers).